Waxing Poetic

Don't worry I'm not going to write a poem.

I'm sitting here, looking out my window while the rain is pouring down
so loudly I can't hear the person next to me.

As I watch the hard rain hit the metal roof of my neighbor's house I see
a mist that arises from the conflict.
Without the sun, the mist creates a halo affect around the house, the
harder it rains, the thicker the halo.
With the sun a small rainbow is formed.

And I think to myself, that this symbolic conflict, is an essential one.
The rain, strives to hit the earth and is stopped by the metal roof, and
channeled into gutters and stored in water tanks, and used to drink and
feed, and wash, and clean.

As it does so, it makes a flurry of noise, and spits up a mist, but the
metal roof doesn't seem to mind.

If you're lucky from time to time it can actually be the source of some
beautiful imagery.

The water flows down the road, into the river, which soon will have
children playing in it, people washing their clothes in it, and drinking
from it.

It is a good conflict, a necessary one, and like many other conflicts,
it can get horribly messy as with a hurricane, and damage people around it.

Or it can resolve well, and turn out to be a good thing for all involved.

Every rainfall has that potential.
Every conflict has that potential.

I pray God give me the grace to make the conflicts I have in my life
turn out to be positive experiences.