We are now at 60% financial partnership! Only 40% more to go! If you know of any interested parties we have yet to contact please let us know.


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the financial data is out of date because in 2 weeks time we have had such a response that we were unable to keep up with it.


Support, and prayer

we've finished newsletter2, a few weeks ago.
now we're compiling everyone's email addresses.

With each email we send out, we save approximately one dollar. (printing costs and mailing costs).
So in the interest of stewardship, we've taken the extra week to compile email addresses.

If you don't think we have yours, please contact me at

now for the big news:

51% financial partnership!!!! (as of 5/13/06) We jumped right passed 50 and went straight to 51% !!! YAH....YIPPEEE!!! (didn't want to give a search engine free advertising).

Also, for those of you who desire a more personal touch, the newsletters aren't it. The newsletters go to a wide range of people, and as such, are typically more informative and general... as is the news.

For the personal touch, look first to the blog, which while public, is more personal. And secondly we do try to keep in touch with everyone on a personal level as well.

If you have any questions, or simply want to talk, we would love to have a chat with you.

thank you for your support.
God answers prayer in incredible ways.

Here's a funny one:
I (chad) have learned throughout my life to pray for everything. I don't believe in coincidence, and I don't believe anything is too small to pray about. God is all powerful, to Him it is as hard to raise full support for missions as it is to find a good parking space. His power can handle both with relative ease. In our eyes, things are harder, and so we tend to gravitate towards only releasing the harder things to God. BUT, in my daily life I pray continually, and while I sometimes do feel silly praying for the small stuff, I definitely have seen God take those opportunities to be glorified and encourage me.

Yesterday we were with some family at the beach. I needed to find a parking spot, so I prayed "God, please find us a good parking spot." It was the kind of day where prayer would be the only way you found a convenient one. With my son not feeling so well, and a van full of family, the closer we got the better. (-;

Well I was taking my time, not being rude at all, and I paused at an intersection to let people go, but jsut as I did, a large group of people decided to cross the street and block the river of traffic coming at me, so I took the opportunity and pulled behind a big convertable with one man driving.

His bumper stickers read: "hedonist" "apes evolved from creationists" and "boycott A.A."

I thought "God, this man apparently lives his life in mockery of you."
Well, the man was looking to his left, I don't know why, because I was looking to my right, and right in front of him, a car was pulling out.

This man missed it completely, and I got a prime parking spot.

I laughed and thanked God.
Not only, did God part the waters to allow me to drive smoothly, but He gave me a perfect parking spot in a very encouraging way as if to say "there will be those that mock me, but I reward my faithful."

It seems like a small thing, but I believe when you have eyes to see, you can see God working everywhere.