Jury Rig #3201

This is our tree, we call it the Dr. Seuss Tree

One day, the wind came along and made our tree sad.

Confident it would break after drooping over, I thought I might shore it up with some rope, but there was nothing to moor it to.  So we waited and waited for the tree to fall over and snap.  But it didn't.

The other day I saw that some Papua New Guinean gardeners used sticks to prop up their fruit trees when they were too heavy with fruit.

So, I followed suit..

See the baby branches at the top? You never see that on these trees. We call it our Dr. Seuss tree because it grows clumps.  Now I know why, the branches reach up to the sun, and when it is vertical, they are shaded by the bushy part at the top.

It is the oddest thing, a tree growing horizontal like that, but hopefully it will bring some much needed shade!

To do this jury rig yourself you will need:
-to drive around and happen to see a neighbor who has a long straight tree branch they are willing to lend you
-Dig a small hole
-Prop up the tree branch
-Some cutting required


I think I'm going to call it our Jonah tree now.  Jonah 4:6 "The Lord appointed a little plant and caused it to grow up over Jonah to be a shade over his head to rescue him from his misery.  Now Jonah was very delighted about this little plant."


Da Book 

It's been 4 years since I began writing this book. A friend began reading the book and was moved to donate her time and talents to donate several pieces of promotional art.  This is one of them.  I will hopefully be using them to put onto blogs, instagram, facebook, etc.

Thanks to :
If you are a self-published author and are looking for some promotional art, look her up. She's good!  I'm very thankful she chose me to donate her talents and time to.