On January 17th I get on a plane and fly to what has been reported as
the loveliest part of PNG.
Kokopo/Rabaul area. Live volcano.
Malaria country.
Sand fleas.
WWII wreckage.
Yamamoto's Bunker

I'm going to record a Luke video in the Uru language for the Baining
people. I'll be in the village 2-3 weeks. That is a record for me, my
longest stretch thus far, is 7 days.

There will be hiking, there will be flying, there will be rain, and mud
and there will hopefully be at the end, a DVD to show Jesus speaking in
their own language.

I'm excited about it with the kind of excitement that makes any
adventure REAL.
I'm nervous that the equipment might fail.
I'm nervous I might not be up to the task.
I'm hopeful that I am up to the task.
I'm thinking I'm going to love it.
I'm thinking it might be the biggest adventure of my life to date.
I'm hoping it has a tremendous impact for the kingdom of God.

So far I'm hearing that there is much excitement about this project.
I'm hearing that it has inspired an entire group of people to learn to read.

I'll be posting pics.
I imagine I won't be wearing Indiana Jone's leather as it'll be hot, but
I might get to climb a volcano!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm very much looking
forward to it.

- That I don't get sick before, or during the trip... it's Malaria country
- That the equipment doesn't fail.
- That the process goes very smoothly.
- That we have enough time to get it all done, without burning out.

Thank you