August status

well, we've finished the personality profile. a 565 question test with questions like "have you ever wanted to hurt someone?" and "I feel like I'm being watched." You have to answer with "this is very like me.... or not very like me."

so we did that for 565 questions and it was funny in some places....

The only part of the "application" that we have to solve still is the bible knowledge test. This is something that we've been waiting on until a time when we feel like we're awake enough to take it. Because honestly, with two kids and a really busy work schedule lately, weeknights are brain-free zones... you're lucky if you have enough mental capacity to have a good conversation with your wife after the kids are asleep.

So that leaves weekends.... which of course are busy. But tonight.... tonight we're resolved to at least begin. As with any part of the application, membership doesn't hinge on any 1 aspect of it, rather they're trying to get a well rounded idea of who we are.

The ACMC conference was fabulous. I don't think I've blogged it yet. I've been to conferences as we prepared for a weekend of boring seminars and empty rhetoric, instead what we both experienced was God leading us specifically to each elective we took, and really hearing the Spirit through these talkers. It was 3 days of concentrated time of hearing God speak to us through other people, and it was the first time we really felt like we were getting the full confirmation from God that not only was Wycliffe right, but PNG was right, and this life choice was right. All along we knew PNG was right, but we were not competely sold on Wycliffe until this conference.