Truck Saga continued

Okay so some of you have been following the truck saga... it broke, fixed it, it broke, towed it, dropped it off, had a gun pointed at me, blah blah blah... it sat for a year while we ordered parts.
Monday I got a call 'it's running, come get it'
Tuesday - nope not running now
Weds - yes it's running again your fuel was bad, the radiator rusted out, we repaired the radiator (without my consent so read that as 'bill increasing').
Thurs - wait, it won't run, we're missing the fan unit.. where is it?

Okay I had booked a car to go down there, found no place to stay, scampered around calling in favors found a place to stay, and then... now it's not running again because someone misplaced a fan unit and it's been a whole year.. GOOD LUCK FINDING IT.

so now... I have to wait 2 more months to pick it up, at LEAST because of my schedule, I can't get to LAE until Feb.

This is entirely nuts and I would be very less stressed if I told the guy 'keep it as payment for your struggles, I'm done with it.'

AS it stands, I'm going to have to pay $500 to GET to the place where I can pay $3000 for a truck under repair for 1 year... and HOPE I can drive it home.
But I'm a missionary so I won't lose my cool over it.