jury Rig 986.5

In the middle of a wood project the belt on my sander snapped. One month minimum to get a replacement. Used duct tape to temporarily keep it spinning so I could finish the project!  


75 Years

This gets me charged up. I've been reading a lot of history of people who have gone before us lately. We've been here coming up on 10 years. This place has been here for 60 years! That's a LOT of people who came before us and did some foundational work. Every time we see a Bible dedication, I am reminded that someone started that work over 20 years ago. God's economy, His timeline is vastly different than ours.


Christafari Concert

20 years ago I attended Biola University, where I saw a young band called Christafari perform its lead singer was a classmate of mine, though I did not know him very well.

1 year ago, while leading a Bible study for 9th grade boys, my co-leader asked me if I had ever heard of a band called Christafari.  I told him I had, but that I didn't know they were still together.

Apparently this band called themselves 'Musicianaries'. 

They went all over the world and performed and told people about Christ.  My friend wondered if there was any chance we could get them to come to our corner of the world.  I told him there it was worth a try.

This culture really responds to music and audio.  My friend Todd worked hard for a year, with many others to get a concert going.  Last night, that concert happened.

Approximations have it at 5000 people in attendance! With an altar call at the end that had 100's of responses!

Join me in praying that these decisions take root and change lives for Christ!

We're praising God for this unlikely event that had a huge impact.
And though it is not directly related to what we do in this country, it a great example of one of the many "side-ministries" that happen here that have a huge impact.



The form I've been dreading for years is done.

And it was fun!
I mean, it was EASY.
I don't know what the FAFSA forms of years past looked like, but this
was... very simple. Even over a busy internet line, it was quite doable.

Why was I so amped up about this form?

I was told that submitting it early gave you the best chance for
financial aid. And, being ahead of the U.S. time wise, I was able to
begin it right at midnight U.S. time. *snicker*

But I only did that because I figured it would take me a few days to
complete it.

Instead I found the process actually enjoyable!
So, for those out there dreading the FAFSA... keep dreading it! Because
you'll likely find out it wasn't half bad!

I feel all grown-uppy now.