Music of the 80's

I was working on my computer and my iTunes started playing 80's pop. This of course transports me back to my teen years. Of course at the time I was clueless about Artists and Titles.  But the tunes brought me back.

"Down Under" had a new context for me, living 'down under' for 10 years now.

But it was the lyrics to the song 'Kyrie' by Mr. Mister that suddenly transported my mind to a new place. Words I've never really heard before.

"My heart is old, it holds my memories."

"When I was young I thought of growing old, of what my life would mean to me. Would I have followed my chosen road, or only wished what I could be?"

Okay so first what does "Kyrie Eleison" mean?  Well let me google that.... loading...loading...loading.... aha Wikipedia!

It's greek for 'Lord have mercy!'

I figure you have 3 maybe 4 major 'roads' in your life. Major career changes, major paths.  I figure I'm on road 2 right now.

Road 1 was graduating college, finding a wife, having kids, finding a career and working that career in I.T. for 20 years.

Road 2 was moving my family overseas and becoming a missionary.

Road 3 .... We don't know yet. But I have a feeling it happens after the kids graduation high school and move out. So, 2 years from now.

My daughter is about to embark on Road 1. The foundational road.  I hope you all are praying for that road to be precisely the road God wants for her, and that she doesn't fight Him too much along the way.   My road 1 and 2 were awesome and I can see God's blessing on it.

"Now that I'm older, I see what my life means to me and others, and the chosen road I took." - Chad Owens

Wanna know what I learned?  There are a whole lot of purposes to any one life. Some of them you miss if you're too focused on trying to do 1 great thing.

If you're convinced that your life is going to be something huge, have a huge impact, you may miss the smaller things that also have a huge impact.

For example, being a dad.

There are a lot of people out there who are pretty messed up because their dads left them when they were young to pursue whatever 'greatness' they were after.  Ironically in their quest to become 'great' and 'make a difference' they have contributed to one of the biggest problems this world faces.  A lack of strong moral men who raise their kids well. It takes guts, it takes time, it is hard work. It really is the hardest work in the world being a parent. You'll have higher highs, and lower lows. You'll doubt your self, your decisions, you'll be challenged in everything. Your hypocrisies will be brought to question, your entire character will be on display.  In the end, you won't exactly be able to take credit for your work, because it wasn't all you, but you'll feel a deep sense of pride and joy.

Young men, if you want to do something great, if you want to impact this world in a lasting way, then when/if you become a father, do it well.  If you fail in this, nothing you do in life will compensate for the destruction you leave in your path, and the ripple effects that will have.


Easter Traditions

2017 Easter pic. Sunrise Service
the fam in front of the Cross, transformed by flowers.
Our family tradition on Easter is to rise early, start the day with the Son as the sun rises. Then we have company over to share good food and conversation, maybe play some board games or something.  Our lifestyle here is very social and not hurried, not rushed. People tend to stay longer and visit longer, conversations tend to be deep. Celebrating Easter here, is truly a joy.

3d Eggs

According to Wikipedia the Easter egg hunt is a Christian tradition intended to use the symbol of an egg (womb/tomb) to bring joy to people.  The men used to hide them for the women and children to recapture the joy the disciples felt upon realizing the Lord had conquered death.

This year we don't have the little tikes running around we normally do, our house will be full of teenagers and adults.

So I decided to make up a little more 'mature' of an egg for the egg hunt.

Enter, my Easter 3d printer setup.  Printing out:

-a parametric mini egg
-my first multi-color eggsperiments
-my first multi-piece jigsaw eggsperiments (red and blue zigzag)
-a brick egg
-an egg within an egg.
and more

This is my major hobby, and you can tell the filament rack I made out of wood.