Whirlwind Tour of Sydney, Aus

Years ago we were here (2010), and took a cheap tour of Sydney by getting a day pass for the public transit, then taking the Circular Quay harbour cruise to see as much of the place as we could. Only I had extreme allergies, we were all jet lagged, it was a miserable day.

Today, we had 1 day to see everything, and so, my wife and I once again got the 'day pass' for public transit, only this time, it was the OPAL card, and GOOGLE MAPS which helped guide the way. Very enjoyable that way. We even snagged a geocache.

So... 4am - wake up because of jet lag, eat yogurt and granola and a muffin.
9am - step outside and go to the train station 800 meters away.

First stop, Circular Quay take the ferry...
(this is us on the ferry with the lighthouse area behind us) 

 take the ferry to... MANLY because it's a cool place with a cool name
Head on over on foot to MANLY Beach, and somehow my being there made it just a tad more manly (-;

(us at manly beach, beautiful clean sand and water!)

Then hop onto a bus and head up to North Head, take a mile walk to the lookout point, grab a coffee at the cafe, and sit and look at the wonderful view.

(North Head)
Walk back to the bus stop, chat with people waiting there, meet two neat aussie ladies and an Alaskan pilot working for Fedex.  Get back to the harbor, take the ferry BACK and go check out the 

Sydney Opera House

Ironically, if you're trying to get it out of your head that you've left your daughter Sydney back in the states, maybe touring Sydney isn't the best place to choose.... but it was still a great day

And the whole day we were taking my son's advice to beat jet lag.  Plenty of water and physical exercise.  Walked several miles (meandering more like it).

Enjoyable day, now we're tired.
But not too tired to stop, and find a geocache.  Then...

6pm stop by the grocery store, grab bread, cheese and soup, and heat it up back in the room.
Dinner, and back in bed by 8pm (heheh)

Total cost (not counting food) $2.60 AUD each. (for the bus/ferry/train pass because on Sunday everything costs less!)