Techie Rant

The rest of the world is online.

Last month a college my daughter wants to go to sent us the list of her interviews.

A singing audition

An acting monologue

A scholarship interview

Another scholarship interview.

The medium they use to do all of these things is Google Hangouts.

I live where I live and the internet speeds we have are shared among many people. Google Hangouts utilizes more bandwidth than most video chat services.  So, I wrote them a plea email to let us pre-record her auditions and upload them, and have a telephone interview instead.  They graciously accepted.

Due to the time differences, though, it means we'll be up at 4am to conduct said interviews.

PLEASE pray that all goes well.

It would have been so much easier if we could just do google hangouts and do all this live. But now, because I'm pre-recording it, here is my techie rant:

-reserve a room with the capability to record audio, and also has a piano

-plan with the pianist a time they can record

-plan with others when I can use the room

-go late at night to setup 2 mics, 2 monitors, a digital recorder and find some way to run an output line that doesn't HUM (because of grounding loop) into my video camera

-setup another room with a decent background so that she can do her monologue.

-Once all the recording is done, copy it off the camera, compress  the video, upload it (will take 24 hours)

-Top up all our pre-paid cell phones.

-do it all in 2 days.

There are several things that can go wrong, as you well know with anything technical. This is coming at a time when we're already quite busy.

If the internet goes out, if the telephone service goes out, we'll be unable to have the interviews.

These interviews are very important to us, because  this is the school we're set on going to, but we need financial aid to be able to afford sending her there.

WE would appreciate your prayers.

Thank you.