answers to prayer

I recently got an email.
We've been praying that God would see fit to increase the bandwidth in PNG before we got onsight in January.

the email today was exciting news. they are deploying new internet service technology (I'm being vague on purpose) which will allow them more reliability and bandwidth!

There are a lot of technical questions at the moment, but, it is a definite and direct answer to prayer.

God is awesome. He chooses to bless us through continued answer to prayer and He is worthy of praise. When we see answers to prayer like this we get excited! God thank you! We do not deserve these mercies!


Going for 100%

Well, summer is over and the kids are back in school. Calvin started Kindergarten this year and Sydney is in second grade. We had a very busy summer, but were blessed to have a chance to spend lots of time with some of our extended family. Those times become much more precious when you realize that by next summer we will be living halfway across the globe.

We’d like to take a minute to say thanks to all of you who are partnering with us in this journey. Your prayers and financial support are invaluable. We are definitely looking forward to getting to Papua New Guinea, but this time we spend in preparation has given us a chance to get to know some amazing people who are a part of our team. In fact, this summer Kendal had the privilege of meeting some of our prayer partners. The residents of the retirement community where Kendal’s mom works have been faithfully praying for us for the past year. While in Oregon this summer, Kendal had a chance to meet this amazing group of people and share with them a little more about what we will be doing and where we are going. What a blessing to meet and share with these faithful members of our team!

Financial update:
We are at 84.8% with $600 p/month left to discover.

We don’t use the word “raise” because really we aren’t earning or raising any money, but you as our partners are supporting us because you care.

We are constantly reminded that we are on God’s clock, not our own. Personally, I (Chad) would like to see 100% before September ends. That would mean we could buy plane tickets to North Carolina at the best value, and make all our training on time, as well as finalize the details of moving. It is an interesting limbo state that we are currently in. If we do not reach 100% in time to purchase plane tickets and leave in January, then we will have to wait until the following August to go. God is sovereign, His timing is perfect. He has answered so many prayers that indicate that this January is the right time that we are acting in faith He will provide. All signs point to January as being when He wants us to depart, which is why we strongly believe we will reach 100% in time.

Please pray. Currently we have reached out to everyone we know, and friends of people we know. Historically missions finances primarily come from churches, but that does not seem to be the method God had in mind for us as over 95% of our current funds come from individuals.

If you attend a church that has an active missions department please contact us.
If you are interested in partnering with us through prayer or finances please contact us.

Please pray that God provide the 100% in time.

If you really want to sing shouts of praise, pray that we reach 100% by September 30th as it would take a load of pressure off of us. Not that God wants us to live pressure free lives (-;

Again, thank you to everyone for your prayer and support. It takes a team to accomplish this work, and we are very thankful to God for you.