How do I feel?

Today is (American) Thanksgiving day here. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I assume you have it as a holiday. We do not.

It is also my birthday. I was born in 1973. Man had been to the moon repeatedly by the time I was born.

People ask me how it feels to turn 39.

This is my answer:

I feel good. I feel as if I am in my prime. The confidence that I have is more calm assurance than the previous bravado I had as a younger man. I am aware of what I can do, and see improvement in the areas that I have lack. I am happy with how I have spent my life, I am happy in my family, I am happy with where I live and what I do and with the friends and family that I have in my life. I am for many parts, content, and yet young enough still to have ambition and goals. There are people who are aged enough to call me young man still, and I may yet live to be double my current age. It is still and adventure. When I was younger I did not think I would live to be this old, because this age seemed 'OLD' to a child. Yet I do not feel old, only older. My body is still responding to the demands I put on it, however it is beginning to show signs that I should take it a tad easier from now on.

I can't eat what I used to eat.
It takes longer to kick a cold, or heal a bruise.
But my mind is more keen than it has been. I know more, I've lived more. I feel as if I am in balance, where my mind and soul are increasing in wisdom and my body is decreasing.
I feel as though I'm at crossroads where my mind and body begin to go in opposite directions, but I'm thankful that it is going to happen slowly.

My life has made a change in purpose. It is far less about me now, and more about my children, and my family, and what I can still accomplish for my King while still alive.
I look forward to my midlife crisis, which I expect is 6-7 years away. I wonder what shape it will take, if it will happen, and what on earth kind of sports car I can find here in PNG. (-;

I'm thankful, for the years I've had, the years I've yet to have. I look forward to what is yet to be achieved, experienced, and struggled through. I feel as if I have spent my life well, and whatever follows from this point, is gravy.

And I say this all now, because next year, when I turn 40, I might not be in such a good mood.

If you ask 100 fifth graders 'at what age is a man 'over the hill'?' 88% of them would say '40'.

So, I'm enjoying my last year, on the hill. I've no illusions I was under it, I've been on it for a few years now.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.