Every year the missionary boys and girls at the high school decide to pull a 'senior' prank.  Most often that prank involves wrapping the main intersection up with video tape.  It's called taping and it's pretty lame and messy.

I have written to the teens before and challenged them to be more witty. I've told them a GOOD prank is one where no one is a victim, no horrible mess is made (that isn't cleaned up) and that everyone can laugh at.

They haven't caught on.

So today, I decided to actually DO a prank.  Let's see how long it takes the community to catch on.

it's 10am now.

These signs are at the intersection that the kids typically TAPE.... all I did was print out a simple word in yellow and black and change the signs.  I figure people who actually SEE it, might chuckle. 



See, NOT a ton of work, not a ton of mess, witty, fun... and enjoyed by all.  Put up with poster putty so easily cleaned up.

I hope they'll learn from this. There are so many more awesome opportunities than TAPING.