A team of friends went to Senegal for computer work and networking. The whole world needs this stuff!

This week has been an amazing week of answered prayer.
Inspired by Karl Bastian's childrens book "Order of the Ancient" I have taken to making a specific intercessory prayer each day for something to occur that day.

I pray many things in a day but chose to focus on only 1 thing to have answered in a short amount of time.

Monday - Lord please let our support break the 37% barrier. When I got home my wife told me we were at 39.5%
Tuesday - Lord please let the team in Senegal successfully complete their installs by Saturday I got an email that they were successful.
Weds - God please help me to understand [a complex problem at work I'd been having trouble with for weeks] by 11am something clicked and I finally understood the issue.
Thurs - (I can't remember, I should journal this stuff)
Friday - God please let us get a check in the mail tomorrow. Today - for no reason AT&T sent us a check for $79.00. Admittedly I meant a new partner, but God still answered my literal prayer. I think I shall be more specific from now on (-;

And so today, is Saturday and I've saved my short term answer prayer for you the blog reader.

Lord may everyone who reads this blog today be filled with your joy and may you be glorified somehow in their lives today.

We are at 40.5%... that's almost 50%! We've been doing this PD for almost 3 months now, but honestly it's YOU who has been doing it and God.

Our second newsletter is complete and we'll be mailing in out early this week.

I will also be putting up a link for information, so please stay tuned.



We have been at 37% of our promised monthly funding for a few weeks now. We are praying that our trip to Southern California would increase this number as well as prayer partners.

We are also hoping that those who have committed to joining us will communicate at what level so we can get an accurate read of how close we are to our financial goal.

Please pray that God would advance this number towards 100%. Thank you.


God Answers Prayer

We've come to rely on answered prayer.
I personally get a kick out of watching God work! This last week, our trip down to Southern California was an experience in worship and faithfulness.

Worshipfully we recognize that as men after the fall, we have to toil. It's a plain truth, and toiling without complaining and grumbling, and is a form of worship to God. It brings with it encouragement and faith building.

Praying that God would work, and then being blessed when He shows you a glimmer of what He is doing, is faith building.

This week was one moment after another of being blessed and excited by the Holy Spirit. Seeing small groups study the Bible, hearing personal testimonies, hearing sermons, seeing old friends and family, visiting churches, seeing old friends in new ministries, all these things glorify God and we have become so encouraged seeing God's hand at work!

When people study the Word, when they worship and praise, we are filled.
When you are raised in the church, the idea of going to several churches in a week can either be exciting or can seem like more of the same.

At some point in your walk, you may get the impression that you've heard it all before. Church services can become mundane. But when you find a heart of worship, which is what God has shown my family these last two years, when you find that heart, suddenly the services take on a new light. The songs you've heard a million times before, take on a new life.

It was so exciting to praise God and worship Him in these new and old settings. WOW.
I got so energized we drove the night through to get home. I'm not a night driver, but I spent the quiet and dark hours praying and praising God.

One specific example is that, since we've grown somewhat addicted to seeing God provide (please Lord don't let me get too spoiled) I asked if He would give us one new Partner on Saturday. One day away. "God tomorrow when I wake up, will you please provide one new partner."

God did it.
How encouraging is that? How awesome is that?

I am convinced, that we need to focus our hearts into hearts of worship, and that will establish a relationship with Christ that surpasses anything that might sap our joy. And that relationship will grow and all things will spring from there. Loving others will grow, prayer lives will grow, all things will grow from that relationship which comes from a submissive heart of worship.

WOW! the Me of 2 years ago is envious of the me now. Two years ago I'd see people on fire and think "I have been a christian for 27 years now, the fire is strong but not explosive, I want to be explosive again." and now, 2 years later I am!

God we praise you and thank you for your faithfulness.
God this easter, you were victorious over death and sin. The world seeks heroes and Christ is the largest hero of them all. Beaten and bruised and conquered on Friday, with justice and strength He arose on Sunday to defeat all foes, death, sin, and prove to the world who will one day admit it, that He is GOD!

He proves to us daily that He is God.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us!


Anatomy of Partnership Development

A large part of the appeal of Wycliffe to me is our view towards "financial support". This is more accurately called Partnership because of the equality in ownership of a ministry that God is doing. He puts different people with different abilities and hearts together to accomplish something that otherwise would be impossible. I will hopefully put more detail later, but the gist is...
you're not asking for money, you're asking for people excited who want to join, and letting them decide the level of that partnership. Will they be prayers, encourages, come visit us, help financially support us.. what?

Thus we don't go on "fund raising trips" we go out seeking to do 2 things:
1 - glorify God by telling people, anyone, what God has done in our lives
2 - find the people who desire to get involved in some way.

number 1 above, is what planted the seed in our family years ago. We pray that God would be glorified through us and that we wouldn't be an obstacle (firewall) to His glory.

so... with that said... there is a reality to the fact that you have to pray for people to talk to, they don't know us or they do, they are excited to hear us or they aren't. We don't know how long we'll have or what the topic should be, or sometimes we do.

It can definitely sound like a chore. Pack the family up, get in the car, drive to a church, speak in front of the church, find a small group, get to know them and share what is going on. It sounds energy draining, laborious even.

It isn't. The reality is, yes it is work. Since Genesis man has had to toil. But...
God is SO awesome.

He is encouraging us every step of the way. How exciting is it when you find someone who really cares about what you are saying? It blows me away when people enjoy being around us and hearing what God is doing. I am deeply honored by the people who are joining us as partners.

I find that in my heart I am uplifted... seeing God work in Southern California is great! Some churches here are really catching on fire.

I can't describe what it is to not want to do a job, but know you must, set your mind to the point of sacrificing whatever you do, all the work, to God as worship, and then aligning your heart with God's because there is no point in grumbling while doing this chore, you need to be absolutely submissive to God's heart and will.... (excuse the run-on sentence) and then, when you've put everything you have into it, and are drained, God fills you through relationships and experiences. You find His Word, you meet people you love and who love you, you receive encouragement.

This process is a process of recognizing that God meets you when you work towards Him and for Him with the right heart.

We're in the middle of the week down here, and have visited 2 churches and a small group, we've spoken 2-3 times, and are anticipating one more church visit.

That's the work part... the blessing list is huge:
-we heard an amazing sermon
-we experienced an absolutely amazing testimony from one of the vp's at pepsico
-we saw people we haven't seen in years which is always so great
-we were able to meet other missions minded folks
-we spent time in family's homes and friends homes which is always an honor and a privilege.
-we saw the power of God in this process.

Honestly, I'm the kind of guy who finds leaving the home, packing, and driving 400 miles a huge chore. Staying in other people's homes you're always worried that your kids will behave etc.

But once I got my heart and mind to the point of... this is not a chore, it is a task that you are doing because God called you to the field, you are doing this out of obedience and out of worship to God.

Once I got there, and I got there pretty quick, God showed up and changed my attitude into one of flexibility, and awe.

God works like that, always has... working for Him, when you're in that zone, that right place, is ALWAYS more filling than anything else.

To me, the fact that serving is energizing and filling and encouraging and strengthening your walk in Christ, is the most important signal that you are in God's will.

I've been in "ministry" my whole life, some jobs are really draining, others pump you up.

This job, has pumped us up, and we've only jsut begun!

Thank you to all who have been praying and reading... HI to all our new friends and readers!

----we would LOVE to see more people come on board as a result of this trip, we would love to find great prayer warriors and ... because we like making a task so huge only God can accomplish it and thus be glorified we are praying that within a month of this trip we'll be at 50%

Could you join us in that prayer?
I'll throw out the biggest one, we're praying for 100% by July, 2006.

Only God can accomplish this task. If He opts not to, we realize we will submit to his timing and clock, but our passion is to go in January.


April 10-easter

WE will be in the Los Angeles area from April 10th through to Easter.
IF you are in the area and know of anyone who would be interested in hearing about our ministry and might be interested in partnering with us for financial and prayer support, please contact us at


We are at %37 of our financial support. We hope to see that number grow as we continue approaching churches for partnership, however thus far the trend is about a 25% success rate. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad rate, but it's God's plan so it's good regardless.

We anticipate hearing from many of you who are still deciding at what level you wish to partner with us financially, once we know that we will be able to get an accurate reading of how much more work we have to do.

We have been working on a second newsletter. We have also completed our ministry portfolio which is a folder containing introductory information to our family and our ministry, intended for churches and groups who may be looking to support missionaries with a shared passion.

If you know of any groups or churches who would like to hear from both or one of us, we are more than happy to come share or even to give you one of our portfolios.

We are excited to say that Bethany Church (where we were married) is the first church to partner with us financially on a monthly basis.
A few churches have declined financially supporting us in an ongoing way but are still encouraging. A few have shown no interest, and even fewer haven't liked where our organization stands theologically.

It is an interesting process, but we are confident that God will pull us through it with a stronger faith.

Prayer Requests:
--that God would move in the hearts of people and churches to partner with us
--that we would be at 100% ($3700 p/month promised committment) by June 2006
--we would be guarded against spiritual attack in the form of discouragement (or any form)
--that our kids would be protected against attack and would grow up wise in Christ.

thank you
also if you are praying for us, and happen to think of it, drop us a line, it would be very encouraging to know who is praying and who is reading the blog.