Crushed can

this morning I decided to wake the kids up with a science experiment.
I took a bowl and filled it with ice water,
then took an empty tin can, filled it with steam from kettle,
and put it into the ice water, it instantly imploded.

They both shouted 'COOL!!!'

and then we talked about why it happens.

They both told me explosions where when the pressure inside of something, is too strong for the outside pressure, implosion is the opposite.
When you fill a can with steam, you're replacing the room temp air with hot air which takes more space, and when it hits the cold water, it instantly condenses which turns it into water, which makes the inside pressure much less than the outside pressure and the can implodes.

IT's an easy experiment you can do at home, especially if you have an espresso machine or something that serves up steam in a tube that goes inside the can.