July Update 2006

wow, a lot of stuff has happened.

First, the new newsletter is up

In the interest of getting the information out, we sort of hacked up the original format to squeeze in the info.

Let's see.

So we were praying:
1 - God would bring our finances up over 70% ... we're now at 76%
2 - God would bring folks who have committed to joining us, to telling us what level they are comfortable with.... .still in progress but some folks are saying "remember when we committed months ago.. .well this is how much we'd like to give.."
3 - God would allow the training scheduling to work out. See the training we need to take is only available at certain times, and they require multiple weeks of leaving work to complete. BUT ALAS... a huge prayer was answered and now the schedules are all worked out so that we can attend the training we need, AND get to the country by our desired departure date! (Jan/Feb. 2007)

God really worked out a major issue for us. POC is a 14 week in country camp/training based on teaching you how to live in the country. My future manager needs me at the job at soon as possible to train me before he leaves in country. If I were to attend the 14 week training it would drastically lower my ability to do my job right out of the gates (I like to hit the ground running).

So now the story is... in January we'll be attending 5 weeks of training, move to PNG, live there for 6 months, and then go to the 14 week training, which will allow us not only to have more time acclimating, but create a better appreciation for the 14 week training as well as more preparation.

All in all, God moved a mighty mountain for us recently!
so now...
visas are in progress
and we're waiting for the final 24% of people to let us know what they are comfortable with committing to!

We're excited... the rubber is meeting the road and we're ready to go!!!

thank you all, and please pray:

-that our funding hits 100% by September.
-that our visas and work permits go through smoothly.

This is very exciting stuff! We're seeing God answer prayers in His incredible style!


Exciting News

People are asking us if we're excited. The answer is yes!
Today we moved passed the 70% support line into 75% support!
That is exciting. 80% is our next milestone. We'd like to be there by the end of July. And we'd like to be at 100% by the end of August.

That's our timing, God's timing seems to be keeping in line with that, and we definitely will wait on Him.

We are going to take some family time this July, and hope to fit in some time to visit churches and friends.

We have submitted the application for the kids enrolment to school, and we have finalized the Visa application (it takes a while to get all the documentation in) and are sending it in today.

Pray that all paperwork gets to it's proper destination and is processed in a timely fashion and that things go smoothly.

It is definitely a discipline to do your paperwork thoroughly and on time, and completely. A discipline that is part of the job and that we are learning.

On a personal note, I find it ironic because I have always disliked paperwork, and now I am at a time in my life when paperwork is a huge portion of my day.

Doesn't God always work like that? Always trying to strengthen us in our weak areas (-;. As my folks used to say... "it builds character".