Kope Jesus Film

One of the perks of my job is being involved in the making of videos like this one.  Audio and Video communication is very important in this culture.  But we can't make films without translated Scripture.  The process of making a Jesus Film requires a team of people who can translate, script, even teach reading and literacy to the people doing the acting.  It requires recordists, editors, etc.  A team of technically diverse people come together to make a lasting representation that truly speaks to people's hearts. 

Watch this story.  (My team just finished the video yesterday, the dedication happened in October, but the story has been in the making since only God knows when.)


Family addition

A family had to leave their beloved Ginger behind and she has come to live with us. Instantly she is at home.  This kind of quick adaptability is typical of dogs owned by families who travel often. They don't take long to warm up to people and this one warmed up instantly. 



It is school break and we have been encouraging the kids to serve others with their time off from school.  Yes, relax, enjoy their equivalent of 'summer break' but also, instead of sitting around, find a way to be of help to others.

They chose to get involved with our version of 'Vacation Bible School'  which takes place in 'tok pisin' and while modeled after what we know as VBS in the U.S. has been customized for this country's culture. 

from my wife:
Here's a glimpse of day 1 of VBS. As you can see it was a full house. Please keep praying for health and stamina for all of the leaders and that God's word would touch the hearts of all of these kids. Here's an interesting fact: typically our largest groups of kids fall in the preschool to grade 1 age group, followed by kids in grades 2-4. We usually get a smaller amount of kids in grades 5 and up. However, on day 1 it seems we had almost 100 girls in grades 5 and up. This is NOT typical. I wonder what God's got planned?