Ura friends

You may recall that a few years ago I spent 3 weeks in a village and did a recording to dub a Luke video in the Ura language.  

Two of the friends I made in the village came to visit at Ukarumpa and do some translation work.  We had them over for dinner so that I could introduce my family to them.

It was an enjoyable evening of visiting.  To my right is Boaz, to my left is Mangseng.

Boaz spoke to me and told me that since we did that video dubbing, hundreds of his people have seen and heard about what Jesus did for them.  I was told that one man had heard it on the radio and said that he finally understood in his skin, his whole body, what Christ did.

The message was going viral, via cell phones and the radio.  And though no official screening of the video was ever scheduled, the people were passing the film amongst themselves.  

He told me that though some people recognize his voice, and heard stories of me and my coming to do the work, most everyone doesn't know him, or me.  But God knows.  And the work we did has reached hundreds of people.

I was really touched by him taking the time to share that with me. I had no idea that the video we did was affecting so many people.  It is wonderful to see God's Word and the Gospel being so absorbed by these people.  

It was enjoyable to see old friends, and the unexpected update on the results of that work was a bonus!! God is really great.  You don't always get a moment like that when you're in ministry.