The communication situation where I work and live, is pretty involved.  Ideas have been circulating in my head for years about how to improve things, and I did so as a hobbyist for a while.  Now it's my job.  God has a funny way of turning your hobbies into ministries.

One of the things I wanted to implement was an 'autodialler'.
The idea being, in about 2 minutes time, I can punch a few buttons on a phone, speak a quick message, and everyone with a phone who needs to, can get the message.  It takes me (or anyone) about 2 minutes of work, to reach everyone quickly.

Prior to this, what would happen would be a telephone chain.  A team of people have a list, and script, and they have to go through the list and make the calls.  The telephone chain took a lot of maintenance, and time. (updating the list, etc).

What I have now is an automated process that catalogs numbers, and calls them in an emergency. 

It is one of those 'we'll rarely use it, but when we need it, it'll save a ton of effort and time' projects.

The trick was, everyone selling these systems these days, wants to go with VOIP, which I didn't want to utilize here.  I finally found a company who sold analog phone diallers... and the salesman was a believer!

He cut me a really great deal, and was very friendly to work with.
I'm happy that this project is going so smoothly and is nearly completed.