It's my ATV

The other day I was outside, driving to work on my ATV.  I was going very slowly, looking around at the beauty of Papua New Guinea.  And a huge smile crept across my face.  This is my therapy.

But after a while I thought 'why do I have this huge smile?'  Is it the freedom? Being outdoors? The scenery?  Why this huge grin, every day? I feel like people are looking at me saying 'why is he so happy?'

And it dawned on me today.
Sorry this isn't a super spiritual post.

The 'put put put' sound my ATV makes, reminds my inner child of the Autopia ride at Disneyland.  And how as a kid I always wanted to jump the track and drive tha gas powered car freely around the park.  And now, here I am, a grown man, doing just that!  I had the realization when looking up at my desk today that has one solitary Disney pin on the wall.  Years ago I traded all of my pins for this one.

I love this place. (PNG, not Disneyland, but I love that place too).