Jury Rigging

Today, I needed to install 4AA batteries into a device, and there were only 3 AA batteries available and 1 AAA battery.  Knowing that they're all 1.5volts, I grabbed a paperclip, stripped the rubber coating off of it and bent it into a spring shape with my leathermans, and dropped all 4 batteries into place.

Sure it won't last as long, but it works for now, until I can go rustle up more batteries.

"OH COOL" you say.  Well, yes n no.
Living in the land of the Jury Rig has its down side.

Today, I was wiring up a new project I'm working on at work, and I needed to convert 240v power to 110v power.  I happened to be needing this in the HEART of the Jury Rig capital of where I live.  An awesome Aussie guy lived in this telephone room for years, doing all kinds of incredible fixes and Jury Rigs before he retired.

I foolishly saw an unused transformer.  Completely ignoring the fact that there was a high probability it had been rigged for something else.
Plugged it into the wall, took my own personal 110v surge/power strip (because you can't buy them in country) and ..

BANG.. POP.. HISS.. Fire..SMoke... 
I unplugged it quickly!

Okay, THAT didn't work.  I suspect the transformer had be cross wired or something for some other purpose.  Thankfully my power strip didn't totally fry and still worked (though the surge protection feature is likely gone forever).

Love the smell of ozone in the morning.