About the Book

Well it's been a while since the book I wrote has been available to the
public (8 months).
In that time, we've returned to PNG. I told myself 'I'll work on
publicizing this book when I have the time, maybe on weekends in PNG.'

I haven't had the time.
We've been very busy. In fact Kendal and I have been more busy this
term, on average, than in other terms.
As a result I forgot about publicizing the book.

Not a lot of people back in PNG mentioned my book to me, so I figured
they heard about it and didn't care. Or worse, they read it and didn't
like it.

Come to find out, a lot of people didn't know about it. They were
asking me "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US!?" and "AM I IN IT?"

I was surprised people seemed to care. I have to admit, I'm often
surprised by what people care about. There was a modicum of hubbub when
we imported our truck. People seem to want to come see it and touch it
and stuff. When I expressed surprise at this, friends said "well yeah!
it's something new and exciting."

So today I checked out my book on Amazon. Apparently there are 11
reviews, a majority from people I am not sure that I know. So that's
good, it seems to be reaching people and having an impact. I'm glad of
that. I've said from the beginning that this is really something up to
God to use. If it is useful to someone, I suspect He'll bring it to
their attention.

Still, it's nice to see people happy with the book. I still don't have
time to publicize it much, so if you know someone who needs to read it,
let them know!