Two Phones

These two men came from a very far distance to work on translating their Bible.  They are very near the end, and nearing publication.  When I was in their village a few years back, I went to serve them with recording. But they humbled me with their hospitality and friendship.  They gave me several gifts when I was going to leave.

Now they have come here for a few weeks and leave in 2 days.
We had them over for a meal a while ago, and I had wanted to give them gifts from 'my place' as they gave me gifts from theirs.  But I had no ideas.
At dinner, it was mentioned in passing 'we don't have phones that play the video we made together.'

Which gave me an idea.  I'm also from the Silicon Valley, home of electronics.
I had to drive into town to find a place that sold the right type of cell phones.
Then I got our Scripture Use Media Dept. to make me some micro SD cards and put the Ura videos and audio on it.

It took me a few days to do, but I got the phones just how I liked them for the guys, ready to play the video.

Then I delivered it to them today.

(in tok pisin)
"Before, when I came to your place, you made me happy and gave me gifts from your place.
And now you come to my place to do work and I would like to give you gifts from my place.  I'm from here, but also my church and friends have sent me here, they support us with gifts of money and they pray for us.  So I have two places.  Here, and California, America.  Please accept these phones as a gift of appreciation for the work that you do in translating the Bible."

They were all smiles.  They thanked me in Ura which I remembered from my time there (Mamurr.. Mamurr Mas).

I showed them how to use the phones and how to play the videos.  We said our goodbyes, and I headed home. 

I set foot on the road, and thunder hit....And then.... it started raining.  Rain which we desperately need.

There are times in my life, when my heart is so overwhelmed with God's goodness.  And those times seem to come around the time when I'm trying to bless someone else.

God is so very good.