Saturday Stuff

This Saturday, Oct 24th, (for us in PNG it's the 24th)
Was the birthday of my recently deceased father in law.

Knowing my wife may need to grieve, the kids and I planned to do all her chores for the day, plus our own.  Several of her friends dropped by with some goodies to share, and briefly chat.  One friend stayed the whole day to craft with her.  As a result, the day was not as hard on her as it could have been.

Calvin and I did a long list of chores.  In our family, the kids do chores on Saturday morning until I release them (usually around lunch time).

Calvin and I dropping off yard rubbish at the dump.  PNG is not normally this brown but we have a drought on.

"Calvin, you work while I, uh.. take photos and stuff."

That shirt, btw, reads "Hume Lake, PNG"  It's a cool shirt.

After chores were done, the kids went and did their things, homework, visiting friends, etc.

On Sunday I gave Sydney a driving lesson.  I don't have a picture of that because I was hanging on for dear life. (-;  (I'm joking, she did fine.)
I'm teaching her to drive standard, on dirt roads, in PNG.  Because I think that one day she'll appreciate being able to tell her kids where she learned to drive.