Third Culture Kid Moment

My daughter yesterday was calling to help arrange a surprise party for a
friend turning 17.
One of the people she needed to call was a Korean friend named
'Seonghwan' (pronounced sung wahn).
Without knowing it, she accidentally dialed the wrong number and reached
the place of a Papua New Guinean.
A man answered the phone.

Syd: "Hello is Seonghwan there?" - she asked assuming it was
Seonghwan's dad.
Man: "yes."
pause....... silence.... my daughter assumed the man was going to go
fetch his son.
Man: "What do you want?"
Syd: "Seonghwan."
Man: "I'm someone."
My daughter, thinking this man did not sound like Seonghwan, slowly
realized the mistake and the miscommunication.

Syd: "I'm sorry, I wasn't asking for 'someone' I was asking for
Seonghwan, I think I've dialed the wrong number."


As she told this story to her dad at dinner, I was SO hoping for a
'who's on first' unraveling but it stopped pretty quick as she realized
what was going on. Still funny.