Me and My Leatherman

I use my leatherman's tool for a lot of things.  Every day I use it multiple times.  On furlough, the company in Portland, received my broken ones and replaces them with new ones, free of charge.   I like this tool.

If I were to list out the many things I do with my leatherman it would be a very long list.

I got distracted.  This post was about keyboards.

Mass Communicatin'

I use my laptop keyboard a lot.  I do a lot of typing in meetings.  One day, it started behaving oddly and I needed a replacement.  So I had the local computer department order me a replacement.  Only, it came without a ribbon cable, which was part of the broken piece... I wanted 2 months for a keyboard that didn't work.  I decided to do the repair myself, and order the repair piece myself, because I felt like I had already taken up too much time from the computer department.  They are REALLY busy, and I have the skills myself.

In the 2 months the second replacement keyboard took to arrive, I used an external USB keyboard.  It was a pain to have to haul that around to meetings, but I did. 

Today the new keyboard came.

It was damaged in shipping.  The key in the corner bent up there is the ESC key. (OH NO! I CAN'T ESCAPE!)
I whipped out my leatherman, bent the corner back into place, installed it into my laptop and viola... it works just fine.
If I were back in the U.S. I would have rejected the package and ordered a new one, and it would arrive in 2 days.
But not here.  Here, you have to make due.  Which is why a leatherman's is so helpful!