Video Update

I wanted to make a video at the end of the year to talk about what we
had done, what we were doing, giving thanks to all, and the like. But
the more I tinkered with it, the more the burden of getting Scripture
into the hands of people in PNG affected me, and the video took a huge turn.

I did two drafts of this video. The first one, was a sort of a 'this is
what happened in 2012' and it had stats and info, and upon review folks
told me it was too much. And it was. This is a much more simplified
version, which isn't as informative, but I think you get the point.

We support Bible translation with our work. I also work to get already translated Scripture recorded and distributed in audio/video form for the people of Papua New Guinea. The need is huge. We need recordists, editors, financiers, prayer support, managers, project coordinators, new equipment etc. Some jobs (like post production) can be done without traveling overseas. If you are interested contact me at thank you