Put a Camera On It

The PNG culture requires repetition in training.  Most cultures do.  Select few are audio learners (like me), many are visual learners.  Some are tactile learners (like my daughter). I'm finding more and more people are visual.

My philosophy is, if I'm going to receive any kind of training, I might as well set up a video camera and record it.  More times than not, it'll be useless footage.

One time, not long ago, I did this, and it turned out to be a very good thing.  I made a 1 hour long video of my day of training learning to village video dubbing.

I covered the equipment, the cabling, the software, the setup, the generator, even how to put oil in the generator.
And I spent very little time putting this video together.  Thanks to iMovie on my mac, the video looks nice, but took very little time to produce.

I figured I would only use it for my own personal reference.
But then I ran into a lady living in the Solomon Islands who wanted a copy so she could learn to do recording.

Then I ran into a guy asking me to split it up into smaller segments so people who needed to know equipment could, people could see how to use the generator, etc.  So I chopped it up into 7 sections, with the final section being replaceable by other future sections on the Software we choose to use.

I had no idea that setting up the camera would produce a DVD that people would want, nor that I would refer to so frequently.  Who knew?

My philosophy - you don't know, so put a camera on it.   Yeah, it takes some forethought and some time, but it SAVES a lot of time and effort and helps a lot of people.