Rude Awakening

It was bound to happen, and I'm glad it happened to me.  It's barely worth mentioning but I thought it might be fun for my readership to know.
You know that reaction we all have when a feather is tickling our face, as we lie asleep?  We naturally move a hand up to shoo it away.  Well, last night that happened to me at 3am.  Only it wasn't a feather it was a cockroach, and I didn't shoo it away, I squashed it.  It was below my eye, and apparently I squished it good enough that the liquid on my face is what woke me up.  I opened my eyes to see the roach limping away under my pillow. 

So of course I bolted up, half asleep.  Once I realized what had happened, I washed my face and went back to sleep.

It really wasn't traumatic so much as interesting.  Apparently, I'm able to kill pests even in my sleep!

My wife was like 'ooh gross'.  Meh.  Not as bad as if it had gone into my mouth.  And I'm very glad it was me and not her.  Of course I have seen some mouse turds on her pillow, I sure would hate to wake up to that happening.

Time to get out the bug bombs and mice traps again.