Multi tasking

I know they say that multi-tasking means you're doing several jobs poorly.  But I had to take a picture of my desk this morning:

The things I was doing simultaneously moments before posting this blog post. It is school break and I've taken under my wing a high school student interested in learning editing for the next 5 Mondays.

From Left to Right:
-prepping a laptop for a visiting high school intern to be able to scan through scripts of Jesus and Luke dubbings to extract Luke 10:25-28 for the editing and eventually sending to the local radio station to air multiple Tok Ples Scripture (tok ples = heart language).  It'll teach the student how to read scripts, how to edit and how to post produce audio.

-laptop is running Adobe Audition CS6 and email/im etc.

-center laptop is the Executive Committee Secretary's laptop, and I was reading through governance docs as well as answering emails as part of my another job I have.

-Left Big Monitor is playing Romans chapter 4, as I'm listening through the post produced file one final time before judging it good. (the open Bible is in the Bola language and it's what I'm proofing against if I hear errors)

-Right Big Monitor is my linux box, currently running a script that is copying audio files over to make replicas of our archive for the intern to edit. (so he doesn't mess up the originals)

-Far right is the Mac running final cut pro, as I'm re-editing the Ura Luke DvD

What you can't see is my iphone in the middle because I'm using it to take the pic, but it pops up with important email notifications and other messages.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what my life is like right now.

-Training an intern
-Doing Audio Editing
-Doing Video Editing...

A lot of what I'm doing, is beyond daily work, and life is crazy with all the things going on..... but this view of my desk today is a good symbol of all that is being juggled.  And yes, I might agree that multi-tasking is really doing a lot of things SLOWLY, but a lot of things getting done, slowly, is better than nothing getting done quickly.