Business Concluded

Yesterday the executive committee (on which I am the secretary (which is
a senior member)), concluded business.
If you feel like I haven't been talkative lately, it's because we deal
with extremely sensitive issues of governance and leadership and I am
very protective about confidentiality. I didn't blog much during that time.

Please pray for our family.
Kendal is taking a new job as the secondary campus registrar. This job
will require a tremendous amount of foresight and detailed planning.
Skills which Kendal excels at.

Calvin is moving into 7th grade, Sydney into 9th.
Close friends are leaving and we won't see them for up to 2 years.
We are in the beginnings of moving to a different house, it will be take
time, effort and even some money. But we're not focussed on that right
now, we're focussed on the other things we're trying to do.

And me,
I'm on this committee which is tasked with redefining the way we do
things in this country. It's a tremendously technical and political job
as we wrestle with how we should decide on things, where we're going,
who should be included, etc. The task can seem overwhelming if you look
at it as a whole, and then add a time crunch that we have until
September to finish the plan.... and we all might freak out... except
for 2 things which keep me continually calm:

-God gave us the task and the skills to accomplish it, I trust it's doable.
-You eat an elephant one bite at a time. Even if the elephant is
somehow growing while you're eating it.