Goldilocks Software

If you've never totally geeked out with computer software, then this
won't make much sense to you.

Every now and then, I get an idea, and I try to find a solution to make
it happen. Sometimes I can't find one and I create it myself. Other
times I find four or five different ways of doing it, and I begin to
trial and test them, with the aim of finding the best for my specific
needs AND being able to convince others it's the best suited.

So I begin trialling software, and putting it all together.

What ends up happening is much like Goldilocks....

after hours and hours of testing and downloading...
I walk through the cottage...

'this one is too hot'.
'this one is too soft'
'this one is broken'

and every now and then I arrive at 'this one is just right!'.

It's a lovely feeling, when you've found the perfect solution for
something. Often when it happens, it become something that stays in
place for a very long time, and often it completely changes the way
things are done.

One of my bigger cultural contributions to this place was when I found a
solution to allow streaming audio from our meeting house.
It required no training for the audio technicians,
it is reliable
and allowed people sick at home, or busy moms, to still listen in on
important meetings, sermons, informational sessions, from the comfort of
their own home.
Yes Streaming Audio is still a new concept here, but it has relatively
changed the way the community participates, and had increased average

I'm on the verge of another such contribution... and after trialling
several solutions, I think... today, I finally found the 'just right'

It is "Email & Parser". This affordable software, allows me to create
instant spreadsheets from hundreds of email replies, thus eliminating
the need for me to read the hundreds of replies I get when I send out
questionnaires to people.... instead I hit a button 'go' wait a few
minutes, then open the excel spreadsheet and read through a collected
list of responses, complete with pie graph and everything.

It is my own home-grown in house, survey monkey/mailchimp solution and
.... not only does it save me hours of work, it saves our organization
nearly $800 a year.
I like it!