Bola 1 Corinthians Done

Wow, this post production is going much more smoothly than I
anticipated. Since I did the recording I was able to keep the noise to
a minimum, so post processing has been entirely about EQ and removing
spaces. I did today however run into a spot where there was an odd
digital glitch so I had to go all 'SNEAKERS' on the recording

"my voice is my passport, verify me."

I had to cut and paste from other locations to cover the glitch to say
what was supposed to be said. Which is really fun when you don't
understand the language.!

Still, I did it, and it's cool and it worked well.

So, remembre back when I said 4 chapters a day was a stellar pace?

Today I did all of 1 Corinthians (16 chapters)
Yesterday I did all of Romans (16 chapters)

So I'm at 4 times my average right now. If things go well, at this
rate, I should be done with the Bola post by middle of July, which means
I beat my August predictions!!!!

Which means, I can move from post production to recording, and start
producing some spots for the radio station!

I'm excited because the more we finish up, the more we get out the door,
the more Audio Scripture is in the hands of Papua New Guineans. We're
starting to distribute digitally in ways that they can copy between
themselves... which means... there is the possibility that some of this
stuff goes VIRAL. (well the 3rd world equivalent of viral).