Audible Chocolate

Go ahead and ask me "What does Chocolate have to do with Audio Bibles?"
Before I answer that, let me say this.  If you haven't had real Swiss Chocolate from Switzerland.  You haven't had chocolate.

I am NOT a chocolate lover, not a huge fan.  I do like it, I like in particular, dark with pistachios.  But I can take or leave it.
In 2004 I visited PNG for 3 weeks and as a reward I was given a small portion of real Swiss Chocolate and I LOVED it.
The difference between Hersheys and the chocolate pictured below, is like the difference between Sanka, and Coffee that you grow, dry, and roast yourself.  It's like they are two totally separate things, sharing the same name.

(note I'm also not much of a coffee drinker, but PNG is changing me slowly).

Okay so how are the two linked?
A few weeks ago, I got word that a beloved couple was returning to our neck of the woods for 2 days, in which time they anticipated converting their Scripture audio recordings onto an AudiBible format, charging the batteries, duplicate this 230 times, assemble them, and get them into the village.

Knowing full well that doing all that in 2 days was a near impossible task, and knowing that they might be emotional at the time and jet lagged (this is the couple who lived in the house that was on fire a number of years ago. I was a member of the fire crew who fought it.) .. Knowing all of this, I decided to convert the files for them, and prep everything such that they only had to come, pick up the 11 boxes, and walk off. 

As a reward for my efforts, they brought me chocolate!  The last time I had this was in 2004, and my wife has NEVER tried it.  So this is a very special gift that I'm saving for her.

This is the good stuff.  Some couples say 'we keep this to ourselves and feed the kids the Hersheys'.  I'm telling you, this stuff is good.

So today they came, took the Audibibles, I also gave them a usb thumb drive with their files for CELL phones and a Jesus video for cell phone.  I was trying to arm them with all the data and formats they needed to be sure that their people were given EVERYTHING they could be given so they could copy it amongst themselves easily. 

In 2 days time they'll be getting the Audio format on AudiBibles (oral players) Sabers, cell phones, and will come with an accompanying Jesus Film in their heart language!
I'm super stoked about that, because that's why I'm here.  Not only that, but I helped a family I haven't seen in years, who survived a horrible house fire,  AND, I got chocolate out of the deal?

This is an incredibly great day!