Back from Lae

Our chief purpose in going into town (3.5 hour drive) was to purchase
paint. We did so. Paint is a whopping K125 per 4 liter. Deciding to
paint the inside and outside of our new home in August, we found a place
in town that would sell at the lowest price, and without a tinting fee.
(you buy white, and mix it to whatever color you want.. no pre-packaged

Well, we got out of down with K4000 (USD $2000) in paint, and drove the
long drive home after a few additional days of rest and relaxation.
(This is our June tradition of getting out of our home for a few days
while our closest friends leave for furlough and we don't see them for
months to years... It helps ease the sadness for the wife and kids).

On the way up, the thought that the air pressure changes as we climb
nearly a mile in elevation to 5200feet, I was nervous the paint lids
might burst off and paint fly everywhere.

We said a quick prayer for that, and for safety and thank you Lord we
made it home no hassles!

OF course once home we popped the lid on the mustard we bought in town,
for sandwhiches, and it exploded all over me. (-;

Kendal got bit by something, likely a spider. It got infected very
quickly and the clinic has her on anti-biotics and bedrest to help fight
the infection.

So we're home safe. No pigs, potholes, puddles, people (jumping in
front of us, or throwing rocks), or punks (hijackers).

That's our road trip prayer "God protect us from pigs (in the road),
potholes (that snap axles), puddles (rivers that flood bridges or land
slides over the road), people (hurting or being hurt by someone not
paying attention) or punks (thieves or hijackers).

I suppose now that Kendal was bit, we should add "pests".

Someone once asked me 'do you really think prayer works? I mean, don't
the people who get into accidents also pray before they leave?'.

My answer. Is 'YES'. Prayer may not work as a way to always get what
we want, but it definitely works as a way to convey to God what we're
hoping for, adjust our attitudes, and put out there in public, what
we're hoping to see God accomplish. At the end of the trip the kids
also hear me pray "God thanks, you did it again for us!"

It's nice to be home 'safe' again.

Please be praying for Kendal's health. She concerned me a bit there, as
she's not feeling very good. Whatever toxin got into her, is not fun.
Also please consider praying for our budget, as the $2000 in paint is
hefty bill, and that doesn't cover other things like brushes and
sandpaper (which is also pricey).

Why paint? Well, we believe that the houses here have a good history
and need to be loved so that one day others can live in them and enjoy
them. So whenever we move into a house, we take care of it and try to
leave it better than we found it.

If people don't do that, these houses that have been here since the
50's, simply will not last.