I can't fully express the hundreds of minute details that are floating
around my head. My wife is the same way.

Currently my wife is migrating into the high school registrar role. A
job that requires detailed planning and juggling many details.
She's planning tonight's 6th grade graduation reception.
She's planning a teacher's luncheon next week.

I'm officially now the EC-secretary. I have to remember hundreds of
details and keep dozens of balls in the air or suddenly governance
doesn't work like it's supposed to.
I'm post-producing a new testament in Bola
I'm managing the moving to a new house and working on the construction.
I'm in countless meetings and proposing new ideas
and I have several other projects going on.

My brain would explode except.

I have a to-do list and a calendar... Not 1 to do list, I have 1 to do
list for each project.
And I have a calendar for each project.
And each day I wake up, read my Bible, pray, and eat my breakfast while
going through the list of things to do, and hoping I can get them done
each day.

Neither of us can afford to be sick, and yet Kendal is winding down from
a nasty little digestive bug.

All in all, life is moving rather fast right now, which is why I've not
been blogging much.

We appreciate your prayers for energy and health.

My current motto is 'Crazy until Christmas'. At Christmas time, we'll
look back and say 'wow, that was nuts! but we made it!'

And honestly, we should actually be planning for furlough now, since
we're supposed to start a year in advance, but I don't think we have the
capacity to do it right now.

We had planned a little family trip down to the city for a few days, to
get away after the June insanity, but we just heard the bridge is about
to go out again, and so we may not make it.

Hopefully soon we'll be able to get a newsletter out saying how much has
been going on.