The Pain of Shipping

My kids are so awesome, months ago they thought ahead to work with me to
order gifts for people, mom, brother, sister, etc.

I told them to estimate double the cost of the item from Amazon, and we
would hope they arrive in time for Christmas.

So, we wait.
As we wait the kids see other things to give and start to spend their
hard earned money (we don't give an allowance, but we give them work

Today I got a package, and each gift they had ordered was well beyond
double the price, because not only did TAX get added, but shipping and
import fees.

So I'm looking at the kids, and haven't got the heart to tell them how
much it really costs, so I tell them,
you pay what you planned, and I'll pay shipping.

Most of my 'gift giving' this year was paying for intangibles like
shipping costs... but I wanted to encourage the spirit of planning ahead
and generosity.

Still, you should have seen their faces when they realized they had
forgotten about their online purchases... they ran around, calling in
the debts, scrounging their funds and gladly turned them over to me.
They worked that hard to make sure they could have a gift to give someone.

This is the second year in a row where I have been touched deeply by the
generosity of my kids. Sure they may complain about dinner, or about
other things, but they never ever complain about spending their last
dollar (Kina) when it comes to getting something for someone else.

I was never that unselfish as a kid, I was never that giving at their
age. They must get that from their mother.
I married well. (-;