Fun facts about new language work

Some interesting facts about the Doromu-Koki language:

  • the language has 30 words for banana, the staple food
  • there is only one 3rd person pronoun, and it can mean 'he', 'she', 'it', or 'they', depending on the context
  • Doromu-Koki uses a number of colourful idioms, including:

◦        'good sweet potato' (a nice girl)

◦        'stomach pain thinking' (heartache)

◦        'stomach child' (a beloved child)

◦        when you are hungry, your stomach 'grumbles,' and when you have diarrhoea your stomach 'does a landslide'

  • Translating the New Testament has required creating new words, including:

◦        'good word' (gospel)

◦        'plant straight thinking' (believe)

◦        'give stomach word' (promise)

◦        'say soft stomach' (forgive)

◦        'say one stomach' (agree)

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