Odd Cat

under the category of 'is no one else seeing this?' Last night I was an
a christmas party in Port Moresby, everyone perfect strangers to me, and
it was an Australian family's home. So naturally I put on my best
manners and behavior. Removing shoes, I went to sit. A few moments
passed and their cat came up and started sniffing my feet. Which I
thought odd enough. Even though I dislike cats, I'm not cruel to them,
so I ignore it. My payment was the feeling of sharp teeth into my
foot. The cat, was so enthralled by my feet, that it tried to eat them!

Still not wanting to be rude or call attraction to myself, I shooshed
the cat away, who quickly ran off in shame as if knowing it should be
biting human feet.

When I went to step outside, I found the cat with it's head inside my
shoes (which were left by the door) sniffing away.

Something about my foot odor was like ...well.. catnip to that cat.

and no one else seemed to notice this oddity. So upon leaving I asked
the cat's owner 'does you cat enjoy sniffing feet?' which I thought was
an odd question and he simply said 'oh yeah, don't mind that.'

Apparently, the cat, was a habitual foot odor addict.