thoughts on returning to PNG

Typically I avoid public displays of exuberance.  It doesn't mean I don't feel elation and joy, I do.
But I typically do not express that loudly, and in public with song and dance.  The reason why is two fold.

1: I don't like to make people uncomfortable.  Whether it be, I'm happy and you're not, or you don't like how I look when I dance, or my happiness has come because your team has lost, I simply don't like to make you feel uneasy.

2: When I get overly happy, people suspect I'm on some sort of drugs, because I get really hyper.

Well, I'm breaking that rule. Because I just can't help it.  57 days until we return.

Question:  Owens family, how do you feel about returning to PNG?
Answer: Happy.

Question: Owens family does that mean you'll be happy to leave the U.S.?
Answer: No, we'll be sad to leave.  We're always sad to leave, and always happy to return.  We were sad to leave PNG a year ago, but happy to return to the U.S. and now, it is vice versa.  Sad to leave the U.S. and happy to return to PNG.

Question: Then doesn't that mean you're always sad and always happy since you're always moving?
Answer: No.  It means we have two homes, and for every sad, there is a happy, we live in balance.

God has built humans this way, to be emotional in relationships.

Right now, we're happy! We are celebrating that we get to go back! God has paved the way!

To quote Balky and Larry Hamliton:  "Now we are so happy, we do the dance of joy!"