Powerful Video

I've seen a lot of dramas and sketches, but the one in this video is powerful, and an excellent depiction of how the people of PNG understand what the Word of God means to them.

I teared up watching this, because these people 'GET IT'.  But they didn't always get it.  Not even a year ago, they didn't get it.   God changes lives, and works in people's hearts.

As you hear Mack and Doris explain this drama... realize that for a very long time, they were never completely sure if the Kandawo people would ever truly 'get it'. And then they see a drama unfold before them that they had no involvement in planning.... you can imagine how reaffirming seeing something like that would be.

Watching people you have ministered to for a long time, communicate to you now that 'yes we get it, we understand, God wins!'.... means more than I can say.  This video does a good job.