If you've read "Sleeping Coconuts" then you have to watch this video

It is 30 minutes long, so it's not a quick view.  I won't write a lot of words to convince you to watch it.  I myself hit play and was compelled and couldn't turn away.

I know John and Bonnie.  My family currently lives in a home they previously owned.  This video follows their life as missionaries in PNG.  It documents how they met, how they raised their family and then how they dealt with a huge tragedy.

For all of the people who ask us 'what it life like in PNG' ... the answer... is this video.

On a personal note, Kendal and I have both used our skills to support the people you see in this video. We have prayed over them, cried with them, recorded with them, taught their kids, and more.

"It takes a team to keep us here, doing the work of Bible translation....." 27:09