Jesus Film

Though this video may seem a tad slow to you, rest assured it is exciting to me.
Why?  Because it shows three things dear to my heart:
1 - Jesus
2 - Papua New Guineans learning to do it themselves, for themselves
3 - Video

For those of you (like I used to be) who have no idea what the Jesus Film is, let me explain.
Many years ago, a movie was produced about the life of Christ.  The script was adapted from the book of Luke.

So, anyone who translates the book of Luke from the Bible, has only a little bit of work to adapt it into the movie depiction of Christ's birth, ministry, death and resurrection.  It ends in an altar call.

It is a very powerful thing for someone to see Christ speak in their own heart language, with their eyes and to hear it with their ears.

When this film is shown, people weep, shout, and become aware that Christ is REAL and ALIVE!

I have been involved in the recording, dubbing, editing, mastering, etc... of the Jesus Film in a few languages.  This video shows you that we're using TRAINING, to multiply our efforts.

Instead of 1 technician doing 3 Jesus Films in a year, that 1 tech, trains dozens of PNGians to do it, and hopefully within 10 years, 100 Jesus Films are out there, being shown on cell phones and televisions and bringing people to a saving relationship with Christ.