Today in church our pastor talked about these online video reunions of military personnel coming home and surprising their family.  It got me to thinking.
As a missionary, you do reunions more often than most people.  You say goodbye and you say hellos.

I don't have a word for it, I might could make one up, maybe I will… let's call it 'Stunderful'….
It is this sensation that happens when something really good happens to you that warms you to your soul that you were not expecting.  But that's not all of it.  It is the specific sensation that comes from seeing someone you haven't seen in a really long time, and weren't expecting to.  Or, maybe you were expecting to, but you weren't expecting how good it would feel to see that person.

I've had encounters where I ran into someone and was surprised at how good for my soul it was to see that person.  It surprised me.  I didn't anticipate that seeing that person was like medicine to my spirit.

Hopefully I've expressed this emotion well enough.  It's when you walk away going 'wow it was really good to see them, so good I'm surprised at how light my soul feels right now!"

Maybe it's just certain personality types that understand what I'm talking about.  My wife tells me she gets it, but she knows it'll be good to see some people.  Me, it sort of sneaks up on me.

Like these military reunions.

I'm thinking, take that 'stunderful-ness' and multiply it by infinity, and that's what it'll be like to be in heaven with my Savior.  My soul, longs to be with Him, and I don't even realize how much.  So that surprising day when I finally am united with him… will be like these reunions a million times over.

How can you not look forward to that?

How can you not want as many people as possible to experience that?

This world needs the love of Christ and many of them won't allow themselves to run into His open arms.