Going Solar

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So I got this idea to install a solar power inverter with battery backup for my house in PNG.  I spoke with several knowledgeable people, and even waited until a neighbor tried it out, to analyze his results.

The short version of the story is... WOW.  this works.

The problem:
-electricity in PNG is expensive, but the sun is free
-voltage fluctuates causing damage to appliances and electronics
-power often goes completely out, disrupting several things (ever come home to a still frozen dinner because the crock pot went off in the middle of the day?)

The solution:
-installing solar and battery means we can go off grid
-voltage will be reliable and steady
-batteries insure no power outage

The problem with the solution:
-it's expensive.  My calculations put a price tag of $28,720 on it.  That includes all equipment, shipping costs, and installation costs.

Because we're just under the equator, what they call 'grid parity' is high.  Meaning, the money we save each month, compared to the cost of the installation will come to 0 in around 40 months.  (a little over 3 years).

THIS system would pay itself off in 3 years.  AFTER 3 years our electricity would be free.

This means, that for the original investment of $28,720... after 40 months, we would have a reduction in our monthly costs of living by $300.

It's a no brainer.  Even if we're not in PNG after 4-5 years, whoever is in that house will be able to use the system.  The panels are gauranteed for 10 years (and will likely live much longer).

So the question is "why don't I just do it?"

Well to afford it, I would have to go into major credit card debt and I don't believe in that.  Further, we live on support from individuals and I though I feel this project is the wise thing to do from the perspective of a steward, and a living member on the planet, it is a LOT of capital.

-when I came to the U.S. I investigated crowd-funding.  Kickstarter turned me down.  I'm currently using GoFundMe to see if they'll approve my project.

I can't say this enough.... this is such an obviously wise use of resources, that I have to find a way to get this done.

THE EASIEST way would be to raise separate funds for this, the hardest way would be to go into debt for this.

It is like printing money not only for me, but for future missionaries living here in this house.

I spoke with a friend of mine who deals with loans in this area of technology, and PNG has a very high grid parity.  Most banks who give loans would consider it a 'yes' (but the banks who give loans don't give to PNG).

So, here I am, trying to raise funds for this.

Here is the break down:

$20,000 - sunnyboy inverter, solar panels, and shipping costs
$8720 - outback battery system, with batteries and shipping and duty.

If you're interested in the technology or contributing towards this project, please contact me.


the donation would be tax-deductible, and really cool.  As a contributor, I will be sure to send you pictures of the installation as well as put an inscribed plaque on the roof with your name on it... so that people in the future would know who to thank for the fact that their computer equipment doesn't catch on fire (yes that has actually happened), and they have avoided the cost of living increases that come with an ever rising cost in power!

Let's get this done together!