This is exams week (aka finals week) for Sydney. She came down with a
nasty flu. She's running a temp of 102.5 and going into her hardest
(but last) test. She's been sick all week. Last night Calvin began a
hacking cough as well.

For sydney - her brain can access the info and her test would go well
For Calvin - these types of things can add complications to his health,
his ability to sleep and travel
For me - if I get miserably sick, I don't know how I'll navigate all of
us through all the airports we have to go through.
For others - we had a lot of plans to celebrate the end of school with
friends that are going away, to welcome in new people to help with kids,
babysit, etc... but we can't do that because we'll get them all sick.
So the last week here is looking like a week of social isolation.

We need this sickness to go away.