interesting quote

Some friends are having their mother over to visit during this last
month of school. And she said this,

"This place is wonderful. The children practically fall out their front
door and have friends to play with. There are children everywhere
here! In Australia for that to happen you have to really plan to get

It is true, one of the wonderful parts about being here is that it is a
very social way to grow up. It is sad when you have to say goodbye (see
previous post titled Tears).

But as I told my children who will soon by saying goodbye to several
friends (some for a very long while);
"Growing up this way you develop more intense friendships because you do
everything together. When I was a kid, you had friends you saw at
school, friends you saw at home, and friends you saw at church. But
your friends do all three, and so you get very close in a short amount
of time. It's true you have to say goodbye, but you've lived a lifetime
of friendship inside the few years you've had together, and that is a
very special thing."