Plop Plop wheeze wheeze

3 weeks ago I was outside cleaning my house on a Saturday.  I didn't feel like doing any hard labor that day so I decided just to dust for cobwebs outside.  Spiders can leave a huge mess if you don't stay on top of it.  We get some rather large spiders here.

I was 1/2 way into sweeping one wall when, BOOM, SPLASH.

The hatch over a concealed septic tank, broke and gave way beneath my feet.  I fell into the septic tank, catching my entire weight on my left side.  I was covered in things best left unmentioned, and couldn't catch my breath.

Long story short, the doctor said that I have a costacondrial separation (in my left flank).

Not sure if the ribs are cracked or not, it's hard to take a full breath, but I'm rather sure they're not broken.  The Doctor says this is gonna take a long while to heal. 

I'm cool with dealing with chronic pain, my only concern is the flight we have in June coming up.  It's been 3 weeks and I still can't sleep well at night because I have to lie very still or I feel bad pain.

Anyway, pray for my healing please.  This last year I feel like I've been a punching bag a little bit.  I would prefer not to be in total discomfort for the entire flight if at all possible.

Thanks for the prayers.