At the Cross

4/20/2014 06:54:54

Our favorite Ukarumpa tradition is the Easter Sunrise Service.  It starts outdoors in the dark, under the tall pine trees, with a wooden cross on the crest of a hill, facing where the sun will rise.  As the service progresses and we sing and worship and pray, the sun rises and the light overcomes the dark.  Then near the end, we bring flowers we picked from our garden and decorate the cross, thus transforming it from a reminder of pain, to a think of beauty.  Much as Christ did.

Then each year we snap a photo, and each year I am wearing that same jacket and that same hat. (yes I plan that). 

(also apparently each year I misplace the photo but here are a few more).

2012 (oh look, no jacket! Calvin makes up for it in wearing the same sweatshirt)