Islam in PNG

There is a mosque in the capital city (port moresby). Current
attendance is about 1000. (200 of which are women).
I met a Catholic priest named Father Franco who has been in this country
for a long time, who has researched and published papers on the growth
of Islam in PNG.

Current census statistics are still pending, but the projected number of
Muslims in PNG is between 3,000-5,000.

Father Franco states in one of his papers that he has interviewed PNG
Muslims and he listed their answers in the paper. The bottom line from
my interpretation of the paper is that Islam is growing in the country.
The religion meshes with the culture well in some respects, and
therefore is attractive.

However certain aspects like, not eating pork, and not drinking, seem
prohibitive. One man replied 'I own many pigs, I will wait to convert
to Islam until after I have sold all of my pigs."

Speaking with Father Franco personally, and having read his published
work on the topic, it is true that Islam is growing in PNG, but they
have not yet reached critical mass (the point at which the religion will
grow on it's own without as much momentum from the local Imam).

You can join me in prayer, as this is a fact that will change the
environment in which we serve, once it does reach critical mass.